ZERRISS (2020) for choir

ZERRISS was premiered by the Norwegian Academy of Music Vocal Ensemble and conductor Erlend Leinan Lund in Majorstuen kirke, spring of 2019, and later performed at the contemporary music festival Ultima the same year. In 2020, the piece was selected as one of five Norwegian contributions to the Ung Nordisk Musik festival in Tampere, Finland 2020. Before this performance, the piece was slightly revised, to its final, and current version. At UNM Finland, ZERRISS was performed by the Finnish chamber choir Tampere Cappella and conductor Markus Yli-Jokipii.

In ZERRISS, Anna Berg uses only graphical notation. Her intuitive and playful approach to the score, has made the piece a favorite also among conductors and choirs at all levels. The score has been used in conductor’s workshops, educating new conductors in both Norway and Finland.